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Jean’s Apothecary is a natural skin care brand that is geared towards being YOUR skin's best friend. Our specialty is assisting those who have different skin concerns such as rosacea, excessively dry skin, psoriasis ,rashes, hyperpigmentation, and acne. We are dedicated to formulating products that not only allow you to get the best results through our natural ingredients , but to feel the love that goes into them through your daily self-care routines. 

The creator of Jean’s Apothecary , Sianne JeanBaptiste , comes from a long line of intuitive West Indian ancestry and has been divinely guided to hand craft each creation . Ms. JeanBaptiste  has been passionate about natural skincare since the age of 14 and this spark of passion came from years of going through different skin care alternatives and dermatologist that didn’t seem to work or last for long periods of time. Given that Ms. JeanBaptiste has suffered from eczema since the age of 7, her journey with finding products that could provide her skin with the best long term results lasted over a decade.

Dedicated to being in control of her own skin condition she thought of the idea to create a brand that's geared towards people like her, so that not only are her own sensitive skin care needs met consistently ,others like her will be able to meet their needs of achieving healthy, happy, glowing skin .

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